Gooest Cases

Dec the malls

In 2017, Gooest takes part in the international version of Magic Sea entertainment series. 


Magic Sea, one of the children entertainment interactive games, now successfully settled in Dec the malls, Perth, Australia.

It adds another case in Gooest foreign projects record. Thanks to the recognition and support to Gooest as always.

We will move on without forgetting our original intention.


Magic Sea
Creative Painting

The sea is an intriguing and mysterious “huge warehouse” . In the vast and fertile sea, a variety of fish live in it. No matter how colorful, expressive or exaggerated your idea is, as long as you draw the fish on paper, it can magically swim into a big aquarium showed by the screen all of a sudden after a special scanning. Magic sea could vitalize the painted fish and make them swim happily. We could appreciate the masterpiece and enjoy close interaction with our own fish and settings through motion sensing technology at the same time.