Abstract World

Abstract World
Gooest,Children,Entertainment,Projection,Graffiti,Light and shadow,Interactive
Abstract animals run in the world of nature, children's heart is full of the desire to explore, the children themselves to create an abstract world of their own.
When the creation is completed, the small animals will instantly magically run into the fantasy world, giving the animals in the painting fresh life and allowing them to run in the abstract world to their hearts' content.
Abstract world is a large wall virtual interactive game, with the theme of getting close to nature, cultivating love and protecting animals.
For this purpose, we have defined the complete ecosystem and world view of abstract world.Produce dozens of animals and plants, 100 kinds of special effects, 100 percent original hand-painted, real simulation of the weather and the four seasons.
Animals and plants in the game are novel and interesting, and the interaction between animals and animals, nature, art and science and technology is full of humanistic color.
Outstanding game charm, fantastic feeling, fast to a fantasy trip!
Choose a piece of paper with your favorite animal on it and paint it freely.The animals on the drawing paper are scanned by the scanner to enter the game scene.
Interact with the animals in the scene through touch.Assist the animals in the game scene to defeat the BOSS.
The game has a beautiful, dreamlike and gorgeous painting style.
All the images are hand-painted by sist technology. Among them, there are 19 kinds of animals, 11 kinds of colors that allow participants to describe and interact with each other (the other 8 are NPCS), nearly 30 kinds of plants and nearly 100 kinds of special effects.
 It can be applied to children's playgrounds, amusement park, naughty castles, parent-child and other multi-media interactive places.