Archery King

Archery King
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InBased on the traditional form of bold innovation and design, simulate the actual archery field in different environments, break the boundaries of time and space, and increase the inclusiveness of sports.
A rich pattern, weather system (wind, rain) and scene design, combined with the unique design of the site and 360° of sound around, to form an immersive experience.
At the same time, the interactive experience of the participants is optimized to attract more people to love the sport.
Instruction:Select player modes by touch screen. Players play with archery props according to game tips. Scores are calculated as as standard archery sport rules.The second level adds a virtual wind ; The third level adds a rainy day and wind effect which will influence your judgement and increase the game difficulties.
Product Model:Single Entry, Double Athletic
Applicable population:over 12 years of age