Flower Sea

Flower Sea
Gooest,Art,Projection,Exhibition,Light and shadow,Interactive
One flower one world, one leaf one bodhi, Seeing thousands of flowers, thousands of trees. Immerse yourself in a world full of flowers and stroll through the ocean full of flowers
Flowers give people a feeling of beauty, the ocean gives people a broad feeling, it is conceivable that when the user is in the ocean of flowers, How shocking the beauty is.
"Flower Sea" by Gooest Technology, The experiencer feels the dream in the sea of flowers 
Gently Touching , Felling by heart ,Learning from Nature, Return to nature
Adaptability: it can quickly adapt to the local market, and the project can get benefits quickly
Novelty: fresh gameplay and screen can quickly attract more customers
Strong relativity: can significantly drive the earnings of other projects
Continuity: the game is abundant in content to maintain long-term revenue
Attraction: more players’ game, multi-person onlookers, stable and sufficient passenger flow
Artistic: The product fulling of artistic
Commercial space, Road show , art exhibition, etc.