Gooest Cases

Shanghai Bailian Shopping Center

In 2016,Gooest participates in the technological and modern shopping center. 


Gooest Technology supports multimedia technology for Shanghai Bailian Shopping Center, it attracts all age’s customers to watch and experience by using our amazing and interacting sakura Dynamic Ground.

When people walk under the tree, they can interactive with virtual scene directly.

The interactive effect will keep changing with your body moving, it falls you into a fantastic world.


Dynamic ground
Happy wind floating under your feet

"A pool of water with blue ripples,fish swimming vividly and sing lightly ..." This is not in the description of idyllic autumn night, but everything can be seen. When people enter into the pool, creating--will create ripples and the fish suddenly swim away because of their disturbing. People walk again, the water ripples, moves and diffuses again, just like a waving-rider. This is a ground interactive projection exhibition, a real interaction between the child and the projection on the ground. We use the advanced computer technology and projection technology to create a magical interactive experience. This system can produce variety of special effects, and the experiencer can participate in the interaction with joy.