GTI Asia China Expo 2017


    Expo Date: Sep 13rd,2017- Sep 15th,2017

Expo Time: Wednesday-Friday

Address: Pazhou Hall A Area Floor 1,No.380 Yuejiang ZhongLu,Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province,China

Booth No.: 4T30

Expo Name: GTI Asia China Expo 2017

   Products:  Hogwarts's Wall, Magic Sea , Abstract World, Virtual Beach, Dynamic Slide, Magic Firework, Dynamic Ground, Wow Jungle, Dynamic Trampoline, Crazy Magic Ball, Ray, Flower and Waterfall ;Flower Sea, Movable Painting

Booth Area: 220㎡


Magic Sea
Creative Painting

The sea is an intriguing and mysterious “huge warehouse” . In the vast and fertile sea, a variety of fish live in it. No matter how colorful, expressive or exaggerated your idea is, as long as you draw the fish on paper, it can magically swim into a big aquarium showed by the screen all of a sudden after a special scanning. Magic sea could vitalize the painted fish and make them swim happily. We could appreciate the masterpiece and enjoy close interaction with our own fish and settings through motion sensing technology at the same time.

Hogwarts' Wall
Magic interaction

Hogwarts’ wall is a magical home. Amazing animation images will appear magically by touching them on the wall with your fingers. The animation images could shine and make sounds, and disappear when you don’t touch it. This is a mystery gift from Hogwarts. If you want to know how magical it is, please explore yourself in Hogwarts’ Wall.

Dynamic ground
Happy wind floating under your feet

"A pool of water with blue ripples,fish swimming vividly and sing lightly ..." This is not in the description of idyllic autumn night, but everything can be seen. When people enter into the pool, creating--will create ripples and the fish suddenly swim away because of their disturbing. People walk again, the water ripples, moves and diffuses again, just like a waving-rider. This is a ground interactive projection exhibition, a real interaction between the child and the projection on the ground. We use the advanced computer technology and projection technology to create a magical interactive experience. This system can produce variety of special effects, and the experiencer can participate in the interaction with joy.

Crazy Magic ball
The Best Interaction

The zombies coming up to you when you stand at a specific area, and you can throw sea-balls to the projection wall and interact with virtual scenes. There will be a message that warning you the time when zombies are coming. It’s an amazing effect that you will have a feeling of actually being there.

Dynamic Trampoline
Aerial ballet

Project the games with different themes on the traditional trampoline , and let children participate in different games while jumping at the same time. The combination of traditional trampoline with amazing interactive game provides children with more pleasure!

Virtual beach
Indoor beach

Do you still remember that you promise to take your baby to the beach, to watch the sea and waves once? While the busy life makes us full of apologies to our children. The distance may be too far away from us and the busy life is stealing time from you and your children. Go to the virtual beach could provide you with an unforgettable memory. There are white foams, soft beach and interesting games here. Children can pretend to be fishermen and enjoy the satisfaction of fishing, and they can play catching fish with friends together and harvest happiness.

Dynamic slide
The best choice

How is the feeling of sliding down the slide which covered by snowflake? Kids will tell you “it’s fun” excitedly when they play. This kind of different interactive sliding game is getting popular, and it is attracting more and more children. The cool slide scenes and the amazing slide experience will fascinate all children. Let's have a star wars, and receive holiday gifts. What are you waiting for? Let us experience the dynamic slide.

Magical Fireworks
Encounter the Beauty

Fireworks fly up to the sky and then bloom instantly. Beautiful things are always fascinated. Do you like fireworks? Magic Fireworks open the magic door for us by letting us have a close feeling for the splendid scene and enjoy the virtual feast. Will you be intoxicated by the beautiful scene that splendid “firework” are blooming in front of you ? When your hands wave across the pool of fireworks, when you throw the magic cube which raise layers of ripples, and when you are surrounded by glittery lights, you can have an extraordinary visual perception. The gorgeousness is original, near and accessible.

Flower Sea
Name after the "flower"and implied by the "sea"

One flower is one world, and one leaf has a life. seeing variety of flowers and trees, you will immerse yourself in the world of flowers and wander in the sea of flowers. The fleeting beautiful moment could be found in every seemingly ordinary corners, and the flourishing could be appreciated at each blink is not artificial.

Flowers& Waterfalls
Carpet of flowers, and purity of water

Wandering in flowers,and pure water will run through your feet, you may be suddenly enlightened only by quiet contemplation. Creating a combination of zen with art.There are thousands of forms of beauty in the world, and water is invisible but like a tangible thing, seemingly meaningful but without meanings. The best of water is goodwill.Water trickle down, flowing over flowers, and show an amazing dance together with a beautiful butterfly.

Dynamic painting
Vividly painting

People Create and innovate on the giants’shoulders.The bright stars of the human millennium art development are presented to the audience in new forms.Closely perceive art carrier in the new age, people make the use of digital art skill in order to display the previous classical world famous paintings dynamically. It gives new connotation, new concepts, and new display and new life.