Hogwarts wall

Hogwarts wall
Gooest,Art,Projection,Touch,Light and shadow,Interactive,Technology
Hogwarts’ wall is a magical home. Finger the wall, the images on the wall will turn into animation image, shining and sounding.
They will disappear when you don’t touch it. This is a mystery gift from Hogwarts. If you want to know how magical it is, please explore in Hogwarts’ Wall.
Hogwarts represents mystery and magic, and everything here seems to have magical power.
Gooest Technolofy combines light and shadow technology and computer technology to create a "Hogwarts Wall" for children. Let's take a look at the magic of this wall.
The children only need to gently tap the wall to interact with the various elements in the game.
The different elements interact with the children, making the game more close to life and making the game more interesting.
Adaptability: it can quickly adapt to the local market, and the project can get benefits quickly
Novelty: fresh gameplay and screen can quickly attract more customers
Strong relativity: can significantly drive the earnings of other projects
Continuity: the game is abundant in content to maintain long-term revenue
Attraction: more players’ game, multi-person onlookers, stable and sufficient passenger flow
Operability: easy to operate, easy to use, realistic experience, high player stickiness
Interesting: the gameplay is in line with players' preferences, and the pictures are realistic and exciting, which are deeply loved by players
It can be applied to children's playgrounds, amusement park, naughty castles, parent-child and other multi-media interactive places.