People's Daily "There is a national tide pavilion"
May 2019,Art,Watch,Device 
In order to celebrate the annual "May 10" Chinese brand day and promote Chinese culture and Chinese brands to the world, People's Daily new media center plans to hold " There is a national tide pavilion " pop-up store activity in tongying center of sanlitun, Beijing from May 10 to 12.
Taking traditional Chinese culture as the creative origin, " There is a national tide pavilion " innovatively interprets the concept and connotation of "guochao" through the creative display of five core contents: national products, national cultures, national art, national comic, national music.
Gooest  technology is a mixture of tradition and modernity, technology and art, striving to create a transcendental, multi-dimensional experience for tourists to walk in the light and shadow and walk through ancient and modern times.
The "human music wall" specially designed by Gooest  technology for guchao museum. Here, you can "go back" to ancient times; Put on the "tide clothing" of each dynasty in the "national color and heavenly fragrance" to appreciate the changes of clothing and feel the elegance of generations.
Special tailor-made " " Tian Gong Kai Wu "" for People's Daily.