Volvo New XC60 Release
December 2017,Art,LED,Watch,Device 
In August 2017, Volvo's new XC60 was officially unveiled at the chengdu auto show, and the XC60 was released in December.To cater for the new cars, Volvo has invited Gooest, which follows BYD, mercedes-benz and Beijing hyundai.With painstaking research and bold ideas, Gooest technology has moved a large outdoor lighting installation into chengdu for the first time. With a rational layout and uniform arrangement, the beams of lights are arranged around Volvo's brand new XC60.The quiet city, with the night coming, enter chengdu, flip the switch, and the outdoor light show before the brand new XC60 is instantly turned on.All kinds of colors are constantly changing, like a breeze blowing through the light strings, strong call pedestrians stop to enjoy, it may be said that the road is extraordinary, is performing the charming.